TopicHow to Reset your Lost Hotmail Password with simple steps

  • Fri 10th Jan 2020 - 7:10am

    if you are new & crazy to know how to reset a forgotten password for your Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook account password on mobile then simple tips & tricks is here

    Here is some steps to reset a Hotmail Password.

    1.Open your Outlook account

    2.Tap Get Started. Skip this step if you've opened Outlook before.

    3.Enter your email id correctly.

    4.Tap Add account.

    5. Tap the Forgot my password link.

    6.Check the "I forgot my password" box.

    7.Tap Next.

    8. Then Enter the verification code.

    9.Tap Next.

    10. Tap an account recovery option. Tap either Email or Text on this page.

    11.Then Need to Enter your email address or phone number.

    12. Tap Send code.

    13. Retrieve the recovery code.

    14.Enter the recovery code.

    15. Enter a new password.

    16.Tap Next when prompted.

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  • Sat 8th Feb 2020 - 6:09am

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